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 Реализационное отделение “Цянда” г. Шицзячжуан
Реализационное отделение “Цянда” г. Шицзячжуан
    Market Brach is only one branch that shoulders all products of  Shjiazhuang Kingda Pump Industry Group’s seven subsidiaries. At present, market branch has established one sales net based on the headquarter radiating into all places of China. There are 42 sales service in all provinces capitals and places where big users focused on …There are over 120 salesmen stationed in the other places, among them twenty men have been responsible for sales service for over twenties years, some of them are energetic middle-aged engineers with high educational level. Also each year graduate from first-class universities enroll the market branch each year, their majors are hydraulic mechanic, electromechanical, market distribution. The represents with double educational level occupy forty percent sales team. These team are convenient for the users to order products, consult technology and to be served presales, during selling and after sales. They can serve the customers as soon as possible.
    Also there is OEM department specialized in all domestic OEM and process material supplied by clients, checking and maintenance pump and do all kind of testing.
    Advanced management mould result in a satisfactory service answer. In 2005, the branch did these projects: Smoke units of Jiangyin Sulong Power Company, Phase 1 2*600MN Supercritical Coal-fired Units of Wangqu Power Plant, Zuncun Yellow River Guiding Irrigation Project in Yuncheng City of Shanxi Province, Huayin Aluminum of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Lop Nur Potassium of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Wenchong Shipyard of Guangzhou Waterway Bureau
The annual review is 4.2 billion RMB.
    The Market Branch will continue devote to offering high quality products, warm service to customers. It sincerely expects to realize our ambition together.

Адрес: КНР, провинция Хэбэй, г. Шицзячжуан, ул.Тяньшаньдацзе, номер 239, восточная экономическая осваивающая зона
Факс: 86-311-80908116

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Адрес: КНР, провинция Хэбэй, г. Шицзячжуан, ул.Тяньшаньдацзе, номер 239, восточная экономическая осваивающая зона
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